2019 Recipient of the National
Blue Ribbon for Education


2019 Recipient of the National
Blue Ribbon for Education


The National Blue Ribbon

What is a Blue Ribbon School? The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program, an important part of the U.S. Department of Education, recognizes outstanding public and non-public schools that exemplify school excellence, turnaround stories, and proficiency in closing subgroup achievement gaps.

National Blue Ribbon Schools are on education’s cutting edge, pioneering innovative educational practices in the classroom and beyond. The coveted award affirms the hard work of educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging and engaging content.


What is a National Blue Ribbon


“High performing” means the achievements of the school’s students in the most recently completed school year places the school in the top 15 percent in the nation, in reading (or English language arts) and mathematics as measured by a nationally normed test.

Once you qualify with your test scores, you are then ranked in several other areas including academic excellence, curriculum, instructional methods, professional development, school leadership, and family and community involvement. This award is a reflection of the school’s leadership, our caring and hardworking faculty and staff, and our students and their families sacrifice and commitment to an excellent education.


About Juan Diego

Juan Diego Catholic High School first opened in 1999 and is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. Since its inaugural year, Juan Diego has been a beacon of educational excellence, inclusive of all faith backgrounds, socioeconomic classes, gender, race, and academic abilities. With its rigorous academics, robust campus life, and diverse extracurriculars, clubs, and athletics. Juan Diego Catholic High School has much to offer its students.

More than 97 percent of Juan Diego’s students are admitted and enroll in public and private colleges across the nation, annually earning scholarships in excess of $15 million. Juan Diego’s Academy Programs for students specializing in Science, Math, Fine Arts, and the Humanities offers students an opportunity to expand their learning throughout their high school experience. Students in one of the focused courses of the Academy Programs obtain an average ACT composite score of 28 compared to a national ACT composite score of  20.8.


Take a Tour

From academics and values, to the arts and athletics, Juan Diego Catholic Schools provide an environment and community where students excel. Now’s your chance to see for yourself what a complete education, inclusive to all, really means.

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Juan Diego by the Numbers

2019 Recipient of the U.S. Department of Education

National Blue Ribbon School Award

2018 & 2019 Winner of Utah's Best of State for K-12

Best Private School


Advanced Placement
(AP) Scholars


of Students Pursue
Higher Education


Be Included

People who feel included—in any environment—experience the greatest success. No matter what your background or religious affiliation, a strong support system rooted in academics, athletics, arts, and values is awaiting every student here at Juan Diego Catholic Schools.​


Growth Included

Academics—Learning real-world applications from a variety of advanced academic programs, such as AP courses and scientific research with University of Utah. A home away from home atmosphere allows students to learn in a welcoming, safe space where they can grow as individuals, together.


Teamwork Included

Athletics—Teaching students the value of hard work, determination, and confidence in a team atmosphere while promoting a sense of belonging, purpose, and comraderie. Our programs create lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.


Expression Included

Arts—Expressing yourself while becoming a well-rounded individual. We encourage students to pursue their passion while learning the value of a satisfying and rewarding artistic education.


Respect Included

Values—Developing well-rounded individuals beyond the classroom to help them be respectful, tolerant, and accepting members of society. A top priority at Juan Diego is cultivating the “whole” person.

Who We Are

It is our firm belief that all children, regardless of religious background or upbringing, can benefit from a complete education where a child’s emotional, moral. and spiritual development and growth is just as important as their intellectual and physical progress. This educational philosophy is based in the best traditions of the Catholic faith, including a strong emphasis on Spiritus Donorum (the Spirit of Giving). For students who wish to excel. become their best selves. a Juan Diego Catholic Schools’ education is an unmatched experience.