Prospective Parents

Making the decision for your child to attend Juan Diego is one of the best things you can do for their education. If you are still undecided, we suggest that you review all of the benefits that Juan Diego has to offer and, most importantly, we strongly suggest that you take a tour of our campus and talk to current students. This is the best way to fully understand the Juan Diego experience as you learn about:

  1. Our Strong, Clear Mission
    • Juan Diego Catholic High School is invested in providing a complete education, inclusive to all. We know that academic subjects are important, but we don’t negate the importance of the arts, ethics, morals, and faith as part of our curriculum. We consider all of these elements necessary as a student grows into adulthood.
  2. Our Focus on College
    • Students at Juan Diego have been accepted to more than 250 different colleges and universities thanks to our many AP courses and our Academy of Sciences track which help students harness their talents and get college-ready (e.g. AP Courses, AP Capstone, Academy of Sciences).
  3. Our Diverse Community
    • A large portion of our student body is Catholic, but many of our students represent multiple faith communities. We also have a high population of students from multi-cultural backgrounds and a number of international students who provide unique viewpoints and experiences that help our student community as a whole expand their worldview.
  4. Our Large, State-of-the-Art Campus
    • Nestled in Draper at the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley, Juan Diego Catholic Schools, which includes Juan Diego Catholic High School, has multiple computer labs, sports facilities, well-stocked libraries, and even a full TV production studio.
  5. Our Tradition of Giving
    • The Juan Diego Catholic High School motto is Spiritus Donorum, which means, “The Spirit of Giving.” Our students embody this ideal, spending time volunteering for charitable causes and heading fundraisers for organizations throughout our community.