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Founded in 1999, Juan Diego Catholic High School is a private high school affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. While many of our students are Catholic, a majority represent faiths outside of the Catholic tradition. Students come to Juan Diego because they want to experience the rigorous academic environment we have created, along with our top-tier sports, arts, and other extra-curricular programs. We also put a strong emphasis on Spiritus Donorum, or the “Spirit of Giving,” our underlying devotion to charitable giving and good works.

Juan Diego Catholic High School is part of a 57-acre campus which also includes Saint John the Baptist Elementary and Middle Schools. Tours are encouraged and are available upon request.

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People who feel included—in any environment—experience the greatest success. No matter what your background or religious affiliation, a strong support system rooted in academics, athletics, arts, and values is awaiting every student here at Juan Diego Catholic Schools.​

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