Philosophy & Expectations


Our Philosophy:

In a world where schools focus more and more on academics and test scores often to the exclusion of everything else, we seek to educate the whole person. It is our firm belief that a child’s emotional, moral, and spiritual development is just as important as their intellectual and physical education. While we base our educational philosophy in the best traditions of the Catholic faith, including a strong emphasis on Spiritus Donorum, “The Spirit of Giving,” we believe in including students from throughout our community, from all faiths and backgrounds.


Our Expectations:

Put simply, we expect Juan Diego students to:

  1. Exhibit Moral Strength
    • Our students are known for their spirit of generosity and for engaging in many acts of service inspired by faith-based values and teachings.
  2. Desire to Learn
    • Juan Diego students should want to excel academically, think clearly, and ask questions.
  3. Participate in the Community
    • As students prepare to enter the world as adults, they should be engaged on a local level through acts of compassionate service and by developing a keen understanding of the complex issues that impact their lives.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to serve God by providing a challenging academic education rooted in Catholic values and morals in developing the whole person.