International Students

International students are a valued and welcome part of the Juan Diego community. It is our deeply held belief that students from different cultures and life experiences have a lot to learn from each other.

International Student Application

To obtain an International Student Application, schedule a tour of the school, or for more information, please contact Mr. Hoshino, Director/International Student Department, at or by phone at (801) 984–7631.


Application and Tuition

The first step toward becoming a student at Juan Diego is to call the Juan Diego administrative offices in order to provide relevant information and start the enrollment process.

Students who have already attended a secondary school in the United States will be considered a transfer student. A successful transfer student is one who demonstrates better than average grades in school, proficiency in English, passes the reference check, and has evidence of sufficient funds to cover all expenses.

International students are required to pay full tuition at the time of application. Tuition is as follows:

  • International Student Tuition: TBD
  • Technology Fee: TBD
  • General Fee: TBD

Please be aware that delinquent tuition or fees may be subject to penalties and fines. Please see school administrators for more details.


Additional Fees

International students should be aware of additional fees that may apply. These include replacement textbook fees and fees for athletics and other activities. Students receive textbooks each year free of charge, but these textbooks must be covered and kept in good condition. Failure to do so will result in a fee.


Student Housing Policy

International students are required to live with a host family or with a relative approved by the International Student Department. The approval process is very thorough, requiring appropriate documentation, registration, home visits, and interviews with our staff.


Visas and Legal Requirements

After students have been accepted and tuition and fees paid, Juan Diego will issue an I-20 form. This form, when properly filled out, is required before a student visa can be issued. The I-20 form must be returned if the student is unable to attend the scheduled semester for whatever reason. With the I-20 in hand, it is important to secure a visa as soon as possible from the appropriate consulate.